Our Services

We develop a vast range of services from the initial consulting,
through design, construction and further operation.


We join are clients to set their strategic objectives to achieve a perfect project cycle. 

Commitment, enthusiasm and a passion for every single detail are key elements in producing a successful design.

Architecture & Content Design

We design and build attractive spaces, which, in turn, enhance the themed exhibitions on display.

Space designs are meant to inspire audiences. We make visitors feel at the heart of stories by bringing unforgettable moments to life.

Production & Construction

Design, construction and comprehensive production of special installations, Scripts, video production, space design and technology interact to to surprise and inspire audiences.

Management Services

Mude develops a wide range of management services, from the initial consulting actions, their implementation and subsequent direct operations.

Its experienced team manages every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business to assure and outstanding visitor experience and a sustainable business model. it comprises budget planning, cash management, human resource training and quality control.